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Appeal Patrons

Sir David Tang:


Sir David Tang is the owner of the China Club, China Tang Restaurant as well as several other well known businesses. He was the founder of the Hong Kong fashion group Shanghai Tang.



Lord Tim Clement-Jones:


Baron Clement-Jones CBE, is a Liberal Democrat Peer and their spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport in the House of Lords. He is deputy chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on China, Turkey and the UAE.   Tim is also the London office Managing Partner of leading global law firm DLA Piper and former member of the International Advisory Committee of Huawei Technologies. 



Nick Rhodes:


Nick is a founder member of and keyboard player in the legendary music group Duran Duran.



Lang Lang:


The world's most talented pianist.



Chen Kaige:


Chen Kaige is a fifth generation Chinese film director with such films as  “Farewell my concubine”, “Forever Enthralled” and etc to his credits.



Jiang Wen:


Jiang Wen is an actor, screenwriter and director with films such as “Devils on the doorstep”, “Red Sorghum” to his credits.

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